Music Feature Published on Cover Me Website

by Merry Mercurial

Recently I joined the awesome team of awesome writers on awesome music site Cover Me. I’ll (probably) restrain myself from reposting/linking to every single thing I write for them, but the inaugural feature calls for special measures.

If you’re interested in reading something in which I exercise a modicum of objectivity — which I would no sooner do on my own damn blog than I’d wear pants in my own damn house — and juggle more adjectives than awesome, awesome, and awesome, feel free to check it out.


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Five Good Covers: “You Oughta Know” (Alanis Morissette)

“You Oughta Know” represented a handful of firsts for Alanis Morissette. It was the first single off her 1995 Jagged Little Pill album and the first release based on her collaboration with Glen Ballard, who shares writing credit and produced the song. While it’s also technically her first public break from the pop-leaning sound she’d previously engaged, that Alanis – like Robin Scherbatsky’s “Robin Sparkles” days, for How I Met Your Mother fans – was really known only to her native Canada.

For most American listeners, “You Oughta Know” was the first time they’d heard Alanis Morissette, period – and a demure introduction it was not. The song also marked, for more than a few JNCO-clad girls in their teens and twenties, the first time that 1990s alternative rock seemed not just open to frustrated female energy but perfectly suited to it. Its combination of smartly conceived jabs and soaring emotion ensured the song would stay lodged in musical memory for a long time to come – and that many other artists would want to give it a try.

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