Now writing for Spill Magazine! About Loretta Lynn! And others!

by Merry Mercurial

I’ve been happy to find a few new homes for my alternately angsty and bleeding-heart music opinions here lately. In addition to regularly contributing music features for Cover Me, I will soon have a little something something (about a band of less-little someone someones I’ve been dopily anxious to write about) (their name starts with G and ends with Fleet) coming out from Modern Rock Review. I’m also now reviewing for Toronto-based Spill Magazine.

From my review of the Wouldn’t It Be Great album by Loretta Lynn:

Loretta Lynn Wouldnt It Be Great

If country is the storyteller of music genres, Loretta Lynn has always been one of its most captivating memoirists. Lynn continues weaving her personal narrative on Wouldn’t It Be Great, her 41st album and the third of five to be recorded at the renowned Cash Cabin Studio in Tennessee. This compilation features fresh takes of previously recorded songs, including the title track and “Darkest Days,” along with such new material as “The Big Man.”

Revisited classics like “Coalminer’s Daughter” shore up Lynn’s image as a scrappy bootstrapper, but plenty of songs see her getting vulnerable about faith and family. God, Mama, and a man who can’t set the bottle down may comprise much of her subject matter, but Lynn knows how to have fun too. “Ruby’s Stool,” a new track with a twinkling piano-bar feel, gives us a lighter-weight but more mischievous dose of her heyday sassiness from songs like “Fist City” and “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man).”

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