Mental Health Essay Published by Invisible Illness

If you have an account on Medium, please check out my essay “Internet Cures for Psychosis,” available through the publication Invisible Illness. A preview follows.

“I have schizoaffective disorder. As with most psychological conditions, its composition varies by the individual, but in my case, it means bipolar symptoms (light) tied in grim matrimony to schizophrenic symptoms (much heavier). Because I spent a long time wary of medication and one of the first I did take wreaked its own havoc, it was with no casual interest that I read up on theories of symptom reduction — and out-and-out cures. I found what people with nearly any condition find when probing the digitized encyclopedia of human knowledge: (1) Eeeverybody’s a doctor. (2) It’s dangerous trying to fill the conflicting prescriptions of Drs. Internet.”

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