Merry Mercurial

10150228918662333“Don’t ask me why I obsessively look to rock ‘n’ roll bands for some kind of model for a better society. I guess it’s just that I glimpsed something beautiful in a flashbulb moment once, and perhaps mistaking it for prophecy have been seeking its fulfillment ever since.”- Lester Bangs, paraphrasing Mick Jones of The Clash

I write music features and reviews for Modern Rock ReviewClassic Rock Review, The Spill Magazine, Cover Me, and the highly subjective blog attached to this website. Other writing has been published in Stockholm Review of Literature, Crack the Spine, Front Porch Review, Literally Stories, Nanoism, and the Short Tale 100.

The quote at the top is my all-time favorite arrangement of words. Though a close second is, “What in the wide world of fuck are you wearing?” (Selina Meyer, VEEP).

If I were on Twitter, my username would be MerryWithTheGreenHair. I’m not, though. If you find somebody by that fantastic name, it’s a different green-haired Merry. Please don’t hate-tweet at her thinking it’s me. If you tell her a sandworm or other earless animal living underground could review music better than her, or that she still owes you $6,000, she will not know what you’re talking about.

Music favorites: “Lost for Words” (Pink Floyd); “La Dee Da” (Foo Fighters); Ann Wilson covering “Misty Mountain Hop”; “I Think That I Would Die” (Hole); “No Good Trying” (Syd Barrett); Freddie, period; the transition between “Happiest Days of Our Lives” and “Another Brick Pt. 2” on The Wall; the transition between “Empty Spaces” and “Young Lust” on The Wall; Dorothy (!!!!), “Cut the Cord” (Shinedown); “Wild Ride” (Dwight Yoakam); give Coldplay shit about their pastel phenotype and they’re like; “Hand Me Down World” (The Guess Who); David Byrne on architecture; Sia and Maddie until you lose count; Taylor Hawkins’s palatial sun-smuggling beach-boy smile the whole time he hits stuff; oh my dear, heaven is a big bang now… 

Book favorites: Memoirs and epic Dickensian tragicomedies. So, John Irving mostly.


My header image was created from Young woman playing a guitar by Johannes Vermeer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons